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II thought for a long time to be able to be the one I wish to be, I need this and that.

Training after training and then always one on top, improve, being smarter, knowing more than others, hey it can never be enough.

But that is not the case. I can't set myself up from the outside. Yeah you can but only momentary. It won’t last, cause the most important ingredient is missing.

I grow and evolve through my actions, my being, my doing. I birth it through me, it speaks from the depth of my soul.

So I feel like the dragoness shedding her skin, long trapped in her self-created ancient armor that promised her (apparent) protection.

I peel off one layer after the other. One construct after the other falls away. Authenticity needs no concepts, it is. And I want more of it. I'm worth it.

I am growing into who I‘ve always been, the Christina who I truly am. I am unfolding through me.

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