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"After Yoga Bliss" or reawake the joy

It was pretty difficult this morning.

I was carrying so much burden. Was it my burden, so heavy, cloudy💭 thoughts?

I got lost in this net of…. in the outside. I had heard the news again and read on Telegram -> whoosh, it sucked me in ... caught in the narrative.

It is supposed to be good to stay informed. But for me, it's just crippling right now.

Have you been aware of that yourself?

Are you thirsty for news and information?

No more information, you‘ve had enough of it all?

How do you feel about it all? Does anger arise, or does it make you feel scared?

This morning, I was so careless that it threw me from my midst. When I drove to my yoga class, I suddenly had a warm bum. Did I turn on the seat heating? I couldn't remember it. Oh man, I realised I am entagled in the narrative. It made me sad. On the other hand I was happy to have realised it. Well to sum it all up, my inner light was rather a weak blaze.

I was so looking dorward to my class. Yoga is a gift for me, a possibility that helps me to ground myself and dock into the source of primal being, this unconditional love.

Now, after class, my heart is wide open. I strengthened my inner peace and found ease again. My inner light is shining bright.✨

My zest for life is reawakened.❤️🔥

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