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The way to
peace of mind

and joy.

  • Are you totally stressed out and hardly find time for yourself?

  • Do you feel drained and have hardly any energy?

  • Is your mind racing?


Then you are in the right place!


You may have tried a lot of other things but nothing has helped you? You even bought yourself a fitness subscription or running shoes. You have always started full of vigor and then it slowly silted up. You have no compensation anymore.  You want to find a balance that is easy to accomplish, because you are tired of starting over and over again.


I can help.


Hi, I'm Christina Pelican.

Yoga was a huge gift for me.
I found the path for myself that always brings me back to my center and allows me to experience deep inner peace. All this with a lightness that deeply touches my heart again and again.
That's exactly what I want to share with you. So that you, too, have much more joy in your life in the long term.


When I was eight months pregnant, I lost my mother to cancer. I was heartbroken. Two little kids, I did not give myself enough space to properly grief. It felt as if I had lost a piece of my heart. I drowned myself in other things. I hardly got any rest. I was busy everywhere and yet it felt like I was nowhere. Lost in space. 

Through practice I learned how to connect with my inner light, my source. I learned that I am solid as a rock. It was a deep healing journey towards self-love and self-empowerment. Through practice you will learn to find inner peace again and again in order to have more energy and zest for life.  

Even today, in these troubled times, this practice is a loyal companion to me. It lets me find my center again and again more easily.

I believe that yoga is a healing system that addresses every individual physically, mentally and emotionally. For me, music, humor and lightness are just as much a part of a yoga practice as mindfulness and silence.


Have you ever wondered ...

... how it would feel to remain calm when exposed to stressful situations?


... what if your body awareness is so refined that you can always sense what you need and what is good for you?

... how would it be to be in your strength and have a lot more energy?


Sounds pretty good, right?


The yoga practice helps to find a deep inner calm. Through the movement, concentration on the essentials and the consciously guided breath, your perception will be refined. You recognize what nourishes you. Know your inner light. Experience the silence that comes from your heart.


Want try it? Roll out your mat and start with this ten minute practice of nine sun salutations. This will definitely heltp you to tap into your inner peace right away.


Start your practice! Enjoy !                     

Get your sun salutations

How to work with me?

You can arrange a free trial lesson at any time.

Chantal Oeuvray, Zug (CH)

"Christina hat mir mit ihrer angenehmen und kompetenten Art Yoga nahegebracht. Ich kann sie wärmstens weiterempfehlen. Vielen Dank liebe Christina."

About me


In my youth and as a young adult there was nothing better than dance. Dancing was my life. I started with ballet and later switched to modern dance. In the dance group I found an important balance to my work in the office. Dancing fed my soul and deepened my emotions. On the occasion of dance performances, we told emotional stories and gave the audience food for thought.


After the birth of my children, I began to discover new things. I passed my dance skills on to girls, helped with the promotion of young talent in the gymnastics club. And through my son's hobby, I was a supervisor for the next generation of ice hockey. I was interested in the subject of massage, so I attended training courses in this area. I came to yoga more than 16 years ago because, like dance, yoga also reaches the soul. After my first lesson, which I was allowed to teach as a substitute, I knew: this is my world. The fire was lit, I wanted to know more.


In yoga I find many aspects of dancing: the concentrated, powerful and dynamic movements that can also be performed smoothly. Movement in yoga gives me the same feeling as dancing. In addition, yoga offers the opportunity to awaken mindfulness and to bring my body and mind into harmony through breathing and meditation. Through yoga, I also experience strength, inner peace, mindfulness and serenity in everyday life.


If you want to know more about my qualifications, you can find them in the link here.


Vielen Dank für das Einreichen!

"We only see clearly with the heart - the most important things are invisible to the eyes."
Antoine de Saint-Éxupéry

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