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"In order to experience and live yoga, one does not have to be ascetic, retreat to a cave somewhere in the Himalayas or try to conform to the usual yoga clichés. In our urban environment, profound yoga practice is also possible." Lucia Nirmala Schmidt


ChiYoga is a flowing hatha yoga style that transfers traditional Indian yoga to the present day and is geared towards the needs of modern people today. "Chi" can be translated as energy or life force. The flowing force that flows through all living things. The exercises in ChiYoga strengthen our vitality, bring it into flow and promote health. With ChiYoga, the whole organism is harmonized and revitalized via the meridians and thus finds balance.

ChiYoga is supple and powerful at the same time: a constant alternation between strength and relaxation, between dynamism and calm - always accompanied by concentration and conscious breathing. Basic elements of ChiYoga are the so-called flows (physical exercises that flow into one another in connection with conscious breathing) and the wave and spiral movements, especially of the spine.


Matter and energy organize themselves in the whole universe according to the laws of waves and spirals. These undulating and spiraling movements, integrated in flows that match the season, bring the rhythm of nature back to life, give energy and strength.

The mode of action of ChiYoga can be experienced very individually and in a variety of ways.


A regular yoga practice

  • stretches, strengthens and relaxes the muscles

  • is a boon for the back: the spine becomes more flexible, the back muscles stronger, back pain and tension are relieved and posture is improved

  • reduces stress

  • strengthens the nerves, the immune system and the whole organism

  • promotes concentration

  • refines body awareness

  • leads to more energy, strength, balance and inner peace

  • ChiYoga can be practiced regardless of age and previous knowledge.


“To look for the flowing, soft, round, adaptable, gentle in the asana brings us closer to the essence of our being and corresponds more to life than the solid, rigid, tense.” Lucia Nirmala Schmidt

You can find more information about ChiYoga from my teacher Lucia Nirmala Schmidt at

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