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Your souls whispers

It doesn't need harshness or strands in the sense that it's currently being lived.

Love is embodied in many facets.

Start with you. Can you connect with your soul light? Do you hear the soul calling to you?

It's as if the soul is calling out to you:

Let me in to you, I your soul. Be soft yet firm. Let go of the hardness, you don't need it anymore. You will attract what comes to you, what is no longer true for you drops away.

The more you engage in my calls, the easier it becomes. At first you might be startled, because it means letting go of a lot of what you have been educated. But at some point, the calling is so vast that you can hardly withstand it anymore. This is the shift. Accepting the divine you in you. Connecting to your soul light every day is exactly what it takes. Everything starts with you.

Glad you recognize it. Now do it, without explanations, others will follow. Give them time go ahead. I love you unconditionally.

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