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This energy of breaking

I stand there and watch my neatly constructed house of security break into a thousand shards. This energy of breaking is omnipresent. Standing on this threshold, I dare to surrender and let go.

For millennia we have been manipulated and educated to distract ourselves. Busy as we are. It's time we remembered what we are and what's inside us. This power to tear down this old, constricting, restrictive construct. But I feel this fear?

What am I afraid of?

I am standing at this threshold, and it takes all my courage to take this next step. It seems as if I would leave the here and now, leave everything behind, abandon everyone. This fear narrows me down, I might be ostracised, laughed at. I take this little scared Christina in my arms and hold her. Thank you for showing yourself to me. I love you, I see you, with everything, just as you are.

I am ready. So, I watch myself, as if from the outside, as my construct shatters. My trained patterns, masks are allowed to fall, to change into light.

I know I am being held. This power rises in me that lets me shine brightly. This energy of breaking holds so much power of transformation.

There I stand, naked, free of the blockages imposed on me, in my new garment. Radiantly beautiful, I rise in my being, rise like the phoenix from the ashes.

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