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10 Tips - that bring you instantly out of your head and back into your body

  1. Shakti – shake Come into standing, bend your knees slightly. Start to shake. Let your shoulders drop and breath. Keep shaking for about two minutes. Your tissues (the whole fascia system) will loosen up and clogged energy will flow again.

  2. Conscious exhalation, extend your exhalation, you might want to open your mouth and let a "haaaaa" sound arise while you exhale.

  3. Walk barefoot. Consciously set your heal down and unroll your foot. Take a couple of steps. Once you stop, take the time to feel and sense what arises.

  4. Stand barefoot on a lawn, or wherever you can outside in nature. Visualise roots rooting into the earth. With your next breath, visualise this earth energy rising up through your feet into your body. Flowing through your whole body into your crown, spilling out of your crown and enfolding you. You are enfolded in this beautiful light ball. Keep breating. Than let this visualisation go and just be in this feeling. What do you notice?

  5. Nadi-Shodana

  6. Kapalabhati Link to a short video (in Swiss German)

  7. Breathing contemplation – Link to a swiss german video (English version will come soon)

  8. Breathing spaces – you can acces an English guidance here.

  9. Yoga practice – Practice very conscioulsy, let these movements, asanas arise from within, let the unfold.

  10. Chakra Meditation Come into a comfortable seat, close your eyes. Bring your attention into every chakra. Start with the root chakra. Breathe into each one. After you've breathed into your crown, connect all of them and breath into your whole chakra system at once. Feel them pulsating, vibrating, shimmering in their beautiful colours, or maybe you feel nothing, and this is also absolutely perfect. What do you sense, feel, hear or see? Do not judge if there is nothing. Deepen your breathing again, wiggle your toes and your fingers, stretch and open your eyes.

Choose one of the tips above. I'd suggest you take the one that jumps at you. Practice daily or as much as possible. Remember, through constant practice it will get easier and easier.

I do implement one or more of these practices in my ChiYoga classes.

Enjoy! Oh, and leave me a comment what your favouite practice was or your personal experience with it.


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