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It is time...

... to lay down your arms and let love reign.

Easier said than done?! We are so closely linked in the fight. But if you feel it's not working anymore, "it's breaking me", do it. Lay down your weapons. Let it be and act out of love.

Kindness, Gratitude, Love

Every little act of kindness, mindfulness, gratitude brings you into the field of unconditional love. Eventually your tools are your heart. Through kindness, mindfulness and gratitude you act connected in love. Everything of low-vibration and heaviness has hardly any space.

Every now and then you may allow the heaviness in. Let it in your field. Be assured that you will always find your way back to love, to lightness. Sometimes the dips are very short and you're back in love, easy. Then it may also be that you immerse yourself longer in the heaviness. Honour this, for some reason, you still need it.

Trust that your decision to let in the light will always lead you back to love.

Be patient, you know how, it's just a rethinking or a remembering, rediscovering.

You can do this. I believe in you.

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