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Creative Power

As soon as we humans realise that we are the true creators of our lives, we step out of the drama and will learn that everything is possible.

Tell me, who actually determines what is possible and what is not?

We were brought up this way. The social social structure, the community,has let us to believe that we can only achieve things if we are nice and good (the goodl girl). We deserve the abundance when we act and behave they way others want us to be.

Do you know the expression: "Dreams are dreams"? (German: Träume sind Schäume)

I heard that a lot, but I can't recall who said it. Dreams are so beautiful. They can be scary sometimes. I have this picture of dreams in my head as being soap bubbles, so fragile. They pop or break, whenever you do something wrong. What if the bubbles, our dreams, are strong, shining? What if it is in our power to make these dreams (bubbles) come true? What would happen if we believe that the impossible things are possible?

Have you seen Alice in Wonderland? She imagines six impossible things before breakfast. And at the moment when the sheer impossible is about to happen, she remembers these six things. They seemed to be impossible then, remembering them in the moment of emergency, she realises that all of them came true. She den believes and defeats the Jabberwocky, the dragon of the Red Queen.

April 2022 has a huge present of light waiting for us. All thise amazing cosmic constellations, the powerful fullmoon on Saturday, two new moons, eclipse season. A lot of light streaming in.

Allow yourself to absorb that light, download all the codes. Have faith in yourself. Remember your power of creation and that everything happening is for their highest good of all. Even, when we don't see it at the moment.

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